初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone – The Best Project DIVA Game!

After waiting for a long time, I finally have in hand what I consider the best Project DIVA ever made, exclusively for the PS4.

[UPDATED 27/04/2017] Sorry for the delay

The Project DIVA Arcade was created in 2010, it is a port of the original Project DIVA release for PSP in 2009.

Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone is a update of the first Arcade version, with more music and enhanced graphics, thanks to the new PC Sega Nu hardware (Core i3 3220+GTX 650Ti+4GB RAM)

At the same time, SEGA had an interest in bringing the game to other platforms.

The port development started to 3 years old, the game producers had a major challenge. Adapting a game designed for an Arcade, works on a home console.

The merit goes to these guys.

Makoto Osaki (right) and Masaru Toyoda (left)
📷: MagicalMiku – Tokyo Media Briefing)

Thanks to my best Miku friend MigicalMiku for info! You can be seen in this post! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

In April 2015, Sega of Japan began a survey asking who plays in Project DIVA Arcade, where they wanted to see the Arcade port on a home console.


This survey was restricted only to Arcade players

Between all these options, the japanese people were able to choose which platform would be awarded the Arcade port.

But it was only at TGS 2015 we came to know what was the winner console unanimously on this survey.

The game releases in June 23, 2016 in Japan, and January 10, 2017 in the West, with menus in english and romanized lyrics.

No plans for one release in physical media.

The Western Release

There were many doubts about its launch in the West, I even doubted that this would happen due to the music amount and your licensing.

After a long time, the answer that many wanted, came on Sega’s Twitter

Yes, we have FULL TRAILER video Sir!

The Full pack bundle costs U$ 53,99

Each pack costs U$ 29,99

I have too the first “DLC” Unlocker all Modules and items: U$ 12,99

This is your Official Site (yes, in english now, thanks Sega =))

After purchase, the game will be downloaded and installed in your console hard drive. Occupying around 28GB, Project DIVA Future Tone is the game with more songs in all franchise. With over 200 songs in all and a lot of content to unlock, the player will have guaranteed fun for a long time.

This game is not equal to the previous Project DIVA games (PSP or PS3), it is even better with several new features.

SEGA think in our pockets. Instead of selling the entire game, we have two parts, the main launcher called Prelude, one app that will manage the main packages: Colorful Tone and Future Sound, beyond the DLCs.

The Colorful Tone, will the songs from Arcade and the spin-off Project Mirai, from Nintendo 3DS. Future Sound already have the music of the games released for PSP, PS3 and PS Vita.

The official list of songs each package can be checked by clicking here..

The Prelude is free and comes with 2 songs, Weekender Girl and 1/6 Out of Gravity for your tasting, and some Modules (outfits for their Vocaloids).

I considered this Prelude one great strategy. Those who are already tired of the songs of the PJD series, 2nd, eXtend, F and F2nd, you can just buy the Colorful Tone for example.

Graphics Engine

And as was to be expected of a port made by SEGA, the graphic quality is very gorgeous. Miku-chan and the other Vocaloids are more beautiful than ever, with superior graphic quality to the Arcade, the game runs at 1080p at 60FPS, with excellent smooth gameplay, something that Project DIVA series just had with Dreamy Theater released for PS3, and Arcade.

This game is one of the most beautiful of the series on a home console, making good use of the AMD Radeon 7850 on default PS4 GPU, the AA (Anti-Aliasing) system derived from from Virtua Fighter 5 engine is well fulfilling its role, don’t note any knurled and no loss of performance.

e5889de99fb3e3839fe382af-project-diva-future-tone_11 cópia

Just as Dreamy Theater game , the graphics style follows the same line with polygons and textures more detailed, compared with F and F 2nd versions with a more stoned style and more hard shadows.

Maybe for you, the graphics Project DIVA are below the actual capacity of the PS4, but we are talking about a style. It would make sense to remodel the whole game, after all, this is a port, not a remaster.


In terms of gameplay this game is more challenging of the series, but its basic mechanics has not changed, just select your music, the difficulty, and hit the geometric notes according to the buttons on your control following the music rhythm. But beyond the common notes, we have the Arrow Notes are activated with the D-pad, and the Sliders.

Created for Arcade, the Sliders work as the hold-notes, represented by a large bright yellow arrow can point to the right or to the left. Thanks to a touch panel in the Arcade cabinet, just slide your fingers on it according to the size of the note on the screen in music rhythm. In the PS4 this function can be done in analog stick or with the L1 and R1 buttons.

We also note double, triple, or even quadruple to be pressed at the same time. For you who come from legacy Project DIVA games, will have to get used to.

This game has more things to learn, so don’t forget to training well their motor coordination if want to do the best score. And if it is new to the series, I recommend the easiest songs with fewer stars, just go to the Hard when you’re pretty confident.

Another first in a game of the series, now you can set most of the game action buttons. Being Arcade with a more challenging mechanics, some notes in gameplay require dedicated buttons, such as Sliders, and notes on Arrow for example.

初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone_8

Being an arcade port, it also has its frustrated side, very characteristic of the series. Excellent accuracy and sense of rhythm are required from player to the point of 0.05 milliseconds are the difference between a COOL and SAFE for example. So don’t forget to training your harder parts in the song, which will not be a problem, as this game has a unique practice mode.

初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone_7

Just choose the music select the desired section and training as many times as you want.

Adjust your Timing

Sega had a lot work to adjust the timing of the songs individually, but each TV works with its own refresh rate, and the algorithms of this game are absolute, you do not want to miss. To avoid having problems, you can now adjust the timing values of each music or all of them if you wish.


After all this, and when you’re trusting and with the Miku’s blessing, you can try the Survival Curse.

初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone_5

The Survival Curse is to play the highest number of songs with the same Life Gauge. The songs order is random, you can choose between several modes with preset songs, simply select only the first song and play. To activate, go to music selection screen, press lightly the L2 and R2 triggers for a few seconds.

Upon arriving in the end you won a note, and your score will be registered in Ranking. That as the Arcade, it is Online. Each pack has its own ranking, and they are all available in a leaderboard where all players Project DIVA Future Tone from PS4 analyze their Score from other players.

初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone_4

Remember that this ranking is exclusive to PS4, the Arcade has its own ranking in DIVA.NET server, and so far, SEGA doesn’t intend to join the two.

You will have your chance to show you are a true Project DIVA Pro Player!

On top of this and the traditional ways we have some more stuff.

Custom hairstyle

初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone_15

Yes! SEGA is doing the fandom desires! Now you can change the hairstyle of each Vocaloid among the models available in the game. Of course, due to limitations of 3D modeling, and restrictions of the authors, you can’t fit any hairstyle, and is not possible do this among other Vocaloids, ie combed Miku can not be borrowed for Luka and vice versa.

There would be a possibility of change of clothes too, but this idea would be very limited and complicated to do, taking into account the numerous different modules, involve complexity in the code and in the models. But the idea seems to have been discarded .. (who knows..)

In-game photography


One thing that is increasingly common in games, and photography in-game. I have spoken briefly about it here and I’m happy to know that we will have this feature in Project DIVA Future Tone. Taking advantage of SHARE function, you can take screenshots during the PV mode by pressing the Triangle button or SHARE button. Images are in HD from your PS4, you can share photos on social networks, and leaves them in HD for the game to use as loading screens.

Jukebox or TV Mode?

Remember the option to create a playlist of songs to be just watching the Vocaloids sing and dance. Now you can do it.


Heritage of other Project DIVA, you can now create as many playlists you like, add as many songs you want, including changing the Module of each Vocaloid music in question.


Yes! We have our DLC packs.

Season Pass: For you, the FT PLayer who wants your game complete, this package is for you! This Pass will give the first DLC pack, and the other 2 DLCs to be released. And as a gift, you will receive exclusive 40 avatars for your PSN account. 

1st music/module pack: If you don’t want the Season Pass, you can buy this separate package with 4 songs:

  • AgeAge Again (Mitchie M)
  • shake it! (emon)
  • Cendrillon (Dios/シグナルP)  
  • Adolescence (Dios/シグナルP)

2nd music/module pack:


  • “Gaikotsu Gakudan to Lilia” (Tohma)
  • “Kimi no Taion” ( Kuwagata-P)
  • “LOL -lots of laugh-” (Music by KeN and Lyrics by Endcape)
  • “Hand in Hand” (Kz)

New charts in Extra Extreme and some new stuff in Customization System were added in the lasted game update.

And, the 3rd music and last module pack



  • Piano x Forte x Scandal
  • Amatsu Kitsune
  • 1925
  • Hibikase

Now the PS4 is in the same Arcade line-up update. All DLCs as released in Japan and West.

Note: The PDA FT Arcade, hasn’t received more updates for some time, which has been very worrying.


Of course nothing is 100% perfect.

The first is the unique mechanics of the Arcade, which can cause strangeness for who never played the arcade or never had contact with its gameplay, they my gameplay in my video, realized how much I missed shamefully. You will need persistence and patience to learn all the news. Just don’t give up!

Depending on your TV, you will need to adjust the timing of the songs, globally or individually, but the annoying part is that you will need to restart the music, but not enough to be a problem.

Even with some defects, Project DIVA Future Tone is the best game of the all series, beautiful to see, very challenging, higher than the other games in the series for its amount of music and its replay factor. Making this the best Project DIVA entire history.

No one rhythm game will be like it.

Miku Dayo Result System


4/5 – Superb

Dayo Approves!


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