Do not intend to deliver in the Steam the Project DIVA series

After the Project DIVA Future Tone release for PS4, someone in fandom asked directly to nakanohito-san on Twitter, who was Production Supervisor of the PjD series, which is also responsible for some news about via Twitter. Well, the answer came ….

It started a little over one year ago with this research.


This is SEGA asking the Project DIVA where players would like to see the port of the game. Now pay attention, look at the 5th option again..


YES MY FRIEND, sometime in our lives, SEGA was YES, intentions to port this game for PC!

However, we know that the PS4 won unanimously after the announcement of the Future Tone at TGS 2015. The hopes were over.

Earlier this year, came this rumor on  SEGABITS website.


They saw the 3rd item highlighted? Yeah..

This rumor took very large proportions at that time, coming back to knock on Sega of America Official Twitter door, and reached the Sega of Japan Twitter too. However, no one said or denied this rumor, which according to various comments, was very questionable, sources quoted by the rumor they had no confidence and credibility, adding to the Sega silence, something was wrong. I knew deep in my heart, that something was wrong …

When a rumor takes large proportions, it is almost natural the company pronounce about it, but SEGA was quietly as usual.

6 months have passed, Project DIVA Future Tone was officially released for the PS4, and again someone asked to Nakanohito-san, ex-Sega employee, if there was any possibility something for PC.

He’s not responding tweets directly, but he said, and … well … the answer was not what we expected.


“We DO NOT INTEND to deliver in the Steam the Project DIVA series.”

Why Sega?? It’s hurt. (EDDIE KEOGH/REUTERS)

Yes, it hurt. Even with a PS4 here and the Future Tone properly purchased I wanted this port too. It’s crazy I know. That was obvious.

But why?

You may even find that this is nonsense decision, that Sega can make it happen, and can, but this will not happen.

It didn’t making petition, plead, swear that will not make illegal nude mods or say it will not piracy the game on BitTorrent.

The Cryton and Sony keeps exclusive contracts with SEGA, as developers, Sega will not shoot for all platforms. The Project DIVA series is showing its first signs of exhaustion and stagnation, and that is dangerous. And the console delivers more security and more control.

Something like that PC would come out much more expensive, if the port of PS4 has been quite difficult and complicated, imagine the PC to work with any CPU and GPU, and keeping the timing. Not to mention the music licensing. Who will pay the bill?

I agree, it is sad to read that? Yes. But remember, the cost would too high for little return. Many did not accept to pay the bill.

And if it is necessary to keep the franchise alive Project DIVA, so be it.

So, the rumor is officially denied.

Someday Sega will change your mind? We’ll never know