Finder Game feat Hatsune Miku

After much procrastination, I’ll finally tell you a bit about Miku-chan’s fangame developed Jakibongui Studio (Joule Mku) and available exclusively for Android.

The name was inspired by ファインダー [Finder], song composed by kz in 2008 and homologated in Project DIVA 2nd in 2010.

Your mission is help Miku-chan find the Finder Music sheets, the fragments of the Finder song. For this, you will guide her through various puzzles that involve reasoning, memory and knowledge about some Miku songs.

Cheerleader Miku is your main Module ported from Project DIVA Dreamy Theater.

Each fragment collected, Miku-chan makes your kawaii dance and sings part of the Finder song.

The graphics are simple and with few objects running on Unity engine, which is good for running without major problems in Androids with up to 1GB of RAM.

The themes and puzzles in the stages are also based on the lyrics of some songs. Have one knowledge about some songs is very recommended.

You have 3 fragments of Finder music to find in many different ways.

The game controls are a bit difficult, you will need a time to learn and get used, especially, the time of “leap of faith”. The camera is fixed at a single angle, no way to see where Miku is going to jump.

This stage reminds some music?

There are several items scattered through the stages, find them and will unlock achievements. Don’t doubt every corner, some are very well hidden.

You can change the Miku uniform patterns. In the options screen that is in HELP, you can choose other colors, just like in Project DIVA.

Did you think that would be easy?

Remember that the tasks are difficult and require a lot of attention and patience of the player. You need to explore much as possible each stage, just as you would in any game focused on exploration.

Because it is a more fandom-driven game, the difficulty for the curious is even greater. Without attention and without knowledge needed, the challenge becomes even greater.

Another important detail, no Pause button, just a back button in the screen corner. BEWARE of i! A touch and takes you back to the home screen, losing all your progress if you haven’t moved on to the next stage.

A the complaints on the game page in the Gogole Play Store, are because of these details, and that’s it, deal with it. Are the rules of the game. It’s a doujin game, not AAA game.

My conclusion, the game is beautiful within its limitations and quite challenging. It will require patience and skill. If you can’t play, check out a little more about Miku’s songs before going on that YouTube gameplay (yes, I know you will).

As Game Tester Official Game, I give my verdict: RECOMMENDED!

See you in Los Mikus


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