(Un)anniversary FeripeHatsune39 Blog!

Hooolyy shiit! This blog has completed 1 year now! And I remembered it at the beginning of May (The correct day is 12 April!)

Well, my country is still government shit, the war between North Korea and the USA hasn’t started yet, the dollar is still high, I couldn’t finance my one-way travel to Japan, I didn’t finish my Nihongo languaje studies, and continued forgetting with my hyper-anxious. Yeah.

But, we have already completed 1 year! Much more than and deceased blog, Daidouji Place #2, hosted by Blogger. I had some content and good layout but, it didn’t support the existential crisis I had at the time.

please bitch
“Bitch please, if even the best browser anyone uses access Daidouji Place, what are YOU waiting for?”

After all, already in WordPress, I managed to publish more than 45 posts, some were deleted because they were poor, crude or “out-line mental posts”.

It’s simple, my intention was to make my dishwasher flee, along with the posts that are worth reading. It would be a dirty dish with some names. The result wouldn’t be any different:

Meanwhile in the kitchen…

Between one post and another, I notice that this is not the way, this blog deserves more than being another mural of regrets. Of course, I will continue to give my opinion when I want.

My posts express my personal opinion, with some neutral reviews, and the other is pure poison distiller. There’s no way to please everyone, and I don’t want to try.

Altogether, 40 varied posts subjects were published, that according to the statistic data, were 2,584 views with 1,450 visitors with more than, 365 days? They are good numbers for a small blog, without popularity and without publicity. Good, I prefer that. Increasing the visits in FeripeHatsune39, is one great responsibility, I can’t assume at the moment. Maybe in the near future.

Below is the TOP 5 of the most visited posts in this house:


初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone – The Best Project DIVA Game!

Sem título


The most popular post on the entire blog. The first and best review in of the japanese rhythm game Project DIVA Future Tone for PS4. So far, has 529 visits and continues to be visited. The portuguese post only has more than 80 visits, very sad.

TOP 1/5

Página Inicial

Sem título
My home page feat. Microsoft Edge!

Haha, I’m don’t kidding, here’s 512 (bingo, Mega Drive color palette!). This is the average page views based on the statistics. I considered 1/5.


MIKU EXPO in Brasil?


This was one and first full post written. With more than 260 visits, I wrote my vision why we aren’t deserving one MIKU EXPO in Brazil. The post is in Portuguese and directed to brazilians.


Do not intend to deliver in the Steam the Project DIVA series


The portuguese post follows more than 150 views, wonderful! The portuguese Future Tone review didn’t avenge, but it was just talk on PC, and thing changes. The Sega of Japan should reconsider, but this will not happen friends.


The Miku’s Leek Theory


Who doesn’t like an leek? But this one is special. With over 100 visits, I gathered as much as I could, about why Hatsune Miku carries the vegetable, and why he became his your trademark officialy, along with Hachune Miku. This post has not been translated.
I don’t even need, the VocaloidWikia already has a post about this.


Project DIVA X – A new beginning?


I couldn’t ignore the last and most controversial recent Project DIVA game. Launched in March 2016. I pay the “Brazil Crappy Fees” for the physical media, just to express my opinion about the game and by Miku-chan love just because. With more than 85 visits in the portuguese version, the english veresion was half full.

As you can see, the overwhelming majority posts,are related to Hatsune Miku (really?), Which hold the highest tags proportion accessed. I even thought making a blog about Hatsune Miku here, but no, we already have good websites and better blogs about it, like Mikufan.com

The future of FeripeHatsune39

I’ll be honest, as I said earlier, I have no intention making this personal blog a media portal.  I want to make this blog as a personal home, and update whenever I want.  Write about anything, talk nonsense, provoke the XboxOne fanboys, and sure, talk about MikuLuka and friends!

The 3 9 in header pic say 三(san) e 九(kyuu) = sankyuu (Thank You), or 三(mi) e 九(ku) in japanese.



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